Welcome to New Age Technologies. Founded in 1996, New Age Technologies has been a leading information technology provider of consulting, staffing and IT management talent for those companies that depend on their information systems. Our IT training programs are recognized in the industry as the best of breed training for IT professionals. Thousands of satisfied IT professionals have used our training classes and services to go on to become certified engineers for top-tier technology solutions such as VMware, Cisco, Citrix and Microsoft, to name a few. We know you and your company are serious about being the best at what you do; so are we.

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Staffing Client

My name is Damon. I was working with Holly for a potential trainer position. I made it to the third stage of the process. Though I did not get the position, I wanted to take a moment to let you know how great Holly was during the process. She was always available via phone or email with any questions or inquiries I might have had.

- Satisfied Candidate