IT Project Management, Methodologies and Communication

For those projects that you’d like to have rapidly assessed, developed, tested and implemented, consider New Age Technologies.

Project Methodology

New Age Technologies believes it’s imperative that we adhere to the four pillars of delivering project engagements in order to deliver a successful engagement on time and within budget.

Pillars of Successful Project Deliveries:

  • ADEPT Methodology
  • System Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
  • Scope Management
  • Communication


To ensure projects are delivered with the outcomes our clients are seeking and to provide consistency to all New Age projects we adhere to our ADEPT Delivery Methodology.

Assesment Design Execution Production Training
Network Architecture Objective Analysis Implementation Process & Procedures Knowledge Transfer
Data Collection Detailed Engineering Documents Project Management Documentation Vendor Certifications
Client Interviews Cost/Benefit Analysis Staging & Configuration Network / Application Management On-Site Training
Surveys & Audits Proof of Concept Installation Problem Resolution Hand-On Learning
Gap Analysis Multi-Vendor Integration Multi-Vendor Configuration Performance Tuning Curriculum Development
Capacity Plan Test & Certification Moves, Adds, Changes DR and security


In addition to our ADEPT Methodology, New Age follows the System Development Life Cycle defined below for software development projects.   The SDLC is tailored to each project as needed.

Phase Description Deliverables
Initiate Define the Opportunity Project Charter, Project Plan
Analyze Observe Issues and Collect Data Business Requirements Document including Current and Target Environments
Design Generate Ideas and Establish Solutions Solution Design/Architecture
Develop Create Solutions Solution Development and Testing
Control Validate Results and Monitor Process Solution Implementation


Scope Management

Scope creep is the demise of many technology projects. In order to manage scope and ensure project success New Age follows these key processes:

  • Scope Definition: working with our clients we detail the project description including deliverables, assumptions, and constraints.
  • Requirements Documentation: requirements are collected and clearly and accurately documented. The reviewed and approved requirements become the cornerstone of the project.
  • WBS (Work Breakdown Structure): the project deliverables are broken down into phases, milestones and tasks for scheduling, costing, monitoring, and controlling the project.
  • Milestone Approvals: project sponsor and/or customer sign-offs are obtained on key deliverables and milestones.
  • Change Control: changes may be necessary to the project scope. Changes will be documented and approved by the project sponsor. Project cost and schedule may be revised as a result of a change.


Good communication is critical to project success. New Age creates a communication plan for each project outlining the type of communication, frequency, delivery medium, audience, and owner. To further facilitate project team communications our client is expected to assign an individual to serve as Engagement Coordinator.  This person is responsible for coordination of work/project tasks assigned to the client and is the primary contact for New Age. The Engagement Coordinator interfaces with the New Age Project Manager to facilitate an efficient exchange of information and ensure that New Age has access to resources required for successful project completion.

A key deliverable of our project methodology will be the Weekly/Daily Status Update of the project’s health.  This update will give a status of all deliverables due by the date of the report with an indication of Green (on or ahead of schedule); Yellow (behind schedule with plan to be on schedule by next report) and Red (behind schedule with  detail plan of how it will be on schedule by mutually agreed upon date).