Tony S. (Celebrating 4 Years with New Age). Tony recently has taken a lead role in the NOC, becoming the senior analyst on his shift. This move has added the roll of “trainer” to his many other outstanding qualifications. Over the past 4 years, Tony’s troubleshooting experience, ability to work issues to completion, willingness to help others and drive for excellence, has made him an invaluable resource.

John H. (Celebrating 2 Years with New Age). John is on an engagement as a trainer. However, John doesn’t just do training. As shared by one of his fellow trainers, he is “using his SharePoint expertise to ensure the Performance Management project is running smoothly. He’s put in a lot of time and effort to make the tracking and organization of it easy for the other trainers. The result of the effort is useful reports for leadership.” John, thanks for going above and beyond!

James S. (Celebrating 2 Years with New Age). During the recent client’s OS patch cycle, the NOC’s main enterprise monitoring application failed rendering the NOC virtually blind to any newly arising issues. During the 7 hour period that the application was down, James kept in constant contact with all of the development groups that needed to be involved, and helped to resolve the application issue.

Damon D. (Celebrating 7 Years with New Age). Because of his rapport and experience with Meditech, selected to be the Meditech liason.

Kenny W. (Celebrating 7th Years with New Age). Kenny received a prestigious client award. “Kenny is always willing to help. He helped me out late one night when I was on-call recently to help resolve a printing issue that affected patient care. If not for his help, I couldn’t have fixed the issue. Kenny is a hero in my book and to (client – healthcare) as well for his day to day duties.”

As a follow-up to being a recipient of the award, the following month he received the following accolades from the field. “Thanks again, (Kenny), I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all of your help!!!! You should get an award for your patience and attention to getting (our facility) up and running!”

Craig A. (Celebrating 1st Year with New Age). “In addition to his knowledge he has a wonderful “can do” attitude. He is always upbeat and positive no matter what the assignment.”

Chris A. (Celebrating 3rd Year with New Age). Successfully completed LMS and RIS upgrade project, on-boarding of the three different acquisitions.

John H. (Celebrating 1st Year with New Age). John was asked to step into lead role for SAP HR Payroll Project. Successfully organized the team, demonstrated leadership in communication and completed the project with high marks and glowing reviews.

Jon W. (Celebrating 10th Year with New Age). For his role in the record breaking Office 2007 certification process. “…special thanks to Jon W. and the folks supporting them, as they carried the lion’s share of the workload to make this possible and put in the hard hours needed to allow the team to succeed so rapidly!”. “A huge thank you to Jon W. for all his work on this; without him, it would not have been possible to reach this milestone!”

Ted R. (Celebrating 1st Year with New Age). “Shout out to Ted for all the good work he has done during his short time on the training team. Because of his good work he has been given the chance to lead several new projects on his team and extend his role and responsibilities. Ted is a great representative of the skilled and talented people you have at New Age”.

Network Operation Center Team (Celebrating 9th Year being staffed by New Age)

Recently the Network Operations team assumed the responsibility of migrating a recent acquisition’s workstations and printers onto the clients network. In order to support the migrations, additional Active Directory and Cisco IOS administrative access levels were granted, task level documentation and support procedures were created and many work schedules and daily assignments have been modified. Within 3 months, 300+ devices have been migrated onto the client’s network by Network Operations. In the process, the team has earned many Exec VP, VP and C-Level praises and thank-you’s for outstanding performance.

NOC received an email from a director, expressing his appreciation for the PC Migration Pilot. “You guys were a HUGE part of the success we have seen at remote location #1 as well as remote location #2 and remote location #3! Kudos well deserved to the Orange shirts, but also well deserved to the team that supported their effort from the data center. Great team effort!”

Melanie R. (Celebrating 1st Year with New Age). A senior client director had the following on Melanie’s performance. “I continue to receive feedback on the great job you are doing. I’m glad you are on our team and appreciate your efforts.”

Kris H. (Celebrating 13th Year with New Age). Kris continues to grow both professionally inside his work life and personal life. Kris was selected to be a member of the CDW Corporate Advisory Board. CDW is a provider of technology solutions for business organizations. The board consists of professionals that are willing to share their perspectives and opinions to senior management. Kris will have the opportunity to be engaged with others that are in similar industries and share ideas.

Dustin L. (Celebrating 1st Year with New Age), “I know this project was outside of the box of what we hired you for, but I really appreciate your flexibility and willingness to jump into this and figure it out. You’ve gotten lots of kudos for this already, buy I wanted to personally thank you for the great job you did on this project.”

“Just another example of how wonderful Dustin is. I was able to focus on training today and Dustin has worked on this for me. Mind you, I did not ask, he just jumped in, and again when I thanked him his response was, “I’m just doing my job”

Having a Tech in field = $500

Having a Tech in the field that does not complain about the color of his shirt = $1,000 (I have never discussed the color of the Tech Shirts with anyone by the way…lol)

Having Dustin Lee on the site you are training = PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jason H. (Celebrating 6th Year with New Age). He has been called many things before, but a “Hot Mess” has been the most recent. I am referring to Jason Hickman. And in case you are wondering, a “hot mess” is a good thing coming from the client manger. Jason provided wonderful customer service and left the client with a positive outlook on the team. Great job Jason!

Shelly S. (Celebrating 1st Year with New Age). Shelly received the following email message from her client manager, “Shelly’s Charge Entry Train Back went above and beyond my expectations. She has shown me what a true Train the Trainer should look like and has raised the bar of how I view my own performance. I am very happy that she is on our team.”

Tony S. (Celebrating 4th Year with New Age). Received a congratulatory email from client director for his contributions. “The Director indicated that Tony made his day a little easier and it was greatly appreciated. Many thanks for your top-rate, professional assistance.”

Gary C. (Celebrating 1stYear with New Age). “Although Gary is a fairly new PM on the team, he has made a tremendous impact on his projects. His latest win was the weekend of July 21st. He led the project team through a 10-hour effort of migrating storage and the very sensitive SAP servers to the new switches. This one day effort required months of planning and coordinating with a variety of teams. These migrations will continue throughout August, which is sooner than the expected date.